Volunteer Application

Volunteer Handbook

We take our volunteers at Still Meadows very seriously. You are the folks who have created and continue to help us function and expand. We would not be here without the many tireless hours that you have given our special friends. In 2014, volunteers put in 20,000 hours and we had over 2,000 visits from our special friends. In 2015, as we continue to grow and care for more participants; we are looking at 20,000+ volunteer hours to cover all of our bases.

What we look for:

  • People with administrative and computer skills
  • Lawn and facilities maintenance workers
  • Camp week volunteers (even if it is only for one day)
  • Buddies to walk and talk with our campers
  • Musicians
  • Individuals who know sign language
  • Therapeutic riding volunteers who are comfortable with horses.

Just use your imagination, and we can use your help!

Where we need your help:

  • Camp Programs
  • Projects
  • Fundraisers
  • Board Members

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